About Us

Female nurse in blue scrubs with stethoscope

AC Uniforms & More (AC Uniforms, for short) specializes in providing multiple solutions for your business’ uniform needs. We will handle every step of your purchasing process from selecting what works best for your employees to ensuring that your merchandise is delivered correctly and in a timely manner. We focus wholly on providing each of our clients with a customized approach tailored specifically to their needs in order to guarantee quality and provide exceptional customer service.

We have been in the uniform business for twenty three years and counting! We have worked with multiple businesses ranging in magnitude. No company is too large or too small for us to handle. Since starting the company, we have grown to have two locations, which are located in Lubbock, Texas and Plainview, Texas.

We offer in-house embroidery, silk screening and alterations. Because we provide these services in-house, our turn around rate is quicker than those who have to contract out. To read more about our services, please visit Our Services page.

Carrying the highest quality brands is what makes us stand out from any other company. These brands include Barco, Cherokee, Dickies, WonderWink, Med Couture, and many more. We strive to carry and offer only the best, top-notch and quality brands. You can always count on AC Uniforms to bring in the new and most fashionable lines out there. To view all of the brands we carry, please visit our Brands We Carry page.

AC Uniforms has conducted business with the medical field long before the medical uniforms end was added to our existing business. In addition, we began working with the marketing department of Local Health Systems in Lubbock, Texas furnishing embroidery shirts, jackets, caps and more. Then, we quickly expanded to their Security and Food Services supplying logos for their existing uniforms.



To provide the highest quality merchandise, to offer excellent prices, to deliver exceptional customer service, and to consistently be a blessing to those that have continued to unconditionally support AC Uniforms.


AC Uniforms, a faith-based company, joining in a partnership with medical facilities to meet employee needs. AC Uniforms will be the uniform solution of choice.


  • Excellence – Always improving the quality of our service, we realize that it is our responsibility to serve our customer as if they are the only one we have.
  • Dependability – It is important for us to meet all the demands of the customers and organizations. We will be there when we are needed and always be on time.
  • Gratitude – To always be grateful for all opportunities that we have been given. If a customer chooses to purchase from AC Uniforms, they are giving us a part of their life. It is the person behind the sale that is important. We need all of our customers to know we appreciate them.
  • Giving – Continue to be a blessing and sensitive to the needs of everyone with whom we are involved.
  • Integrity – Conduct our business and personal lives with integrity, honesty, devotion, fairness and trustworthiness.

Our History


We started AC Uniforms back in 1996 offering “EMBROIDERY & SILK SCREENING.” We are one of the oldest and largest embroidery businesses in the West Texas area.


In 2003, we added the “MEDICAL UNIFORMS” to our existing business and quickly partnered with many health systems to hold Scrub Fairs to meet the hospital’s uniform needs, traveling with an abundance of selections.

2004 - 2017

AC Uniforms has maintained a strong working relationship with many medical and industrial facilities through the years.


We have seen technology soaring to new heights as computers have made purchasing easier for customers. THIS IS WHY WE ARE OFFERING A NEW ONLINE SOLUTION TO YOU.

Meet the Team!

Alline Covington
Alline Covington, President
Chance Covington
Chance Covington, Vice President
Samantha Covington
Samantha Covington, Customer Service Manager
Betty Jayne Castle
Betty Jayne Castle, Scrub Fair Coordinator
Stacy Hinojosa
Stacy Hinojosa, Scrub Fair Manager
Ariel Pasma
Ariel Pasma, Lubbock Store Manager
Travis Tustin
Travis Tustin, Product Marketing Assistant
Monica Azua
Monica Azua, Embroidery Manager

A Message From Our President

We have owned and operated our own embroidery equipment from the very beginning and continue to do so today. Our business prior to September 11, 2001 only offered embroidery and silk screening products in Plainview, Texas. After the 9/11 attack, we found out quickly that our business was more of a luxury than a necessity, so this influenced our bottom line tremendously.

I was a single mother of three boys. I employed twelve other women, and a majority of them were also single mothers. I did not have the heart to lay them off. Instead, I traveled with two of my sales ladies to an Advertising Specialty Institute convention trying to come up with other ideas to continue to keep everyone employed.

At this convention, I was introduced entirely to the medical uniforms industry. When I went home, I immediately realized that our area needed a good supplier, and especially, in the Lubbock, Texas area. Within two months of adding uniforms to my existing business, I opened a store in Lubbock, Texas. Then, I began traveling to other hospitals outside of our area to sell scrubs.

AC Uniforms has incorporated many innovations throughout the years in order to accommodate the changes this industry has seen, and we will continue to do so. We now travel into Oklahoma, New Mexico and all over the Texas area. Through doing many shows, we have created many friendships. We also have been saddened that many of our older friends working with the auxiliaries have since passed away, and we miss them dearly. We actively strive to maintain a strong bond with all of our clients.

– Alline Covington