Our Services

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AC Uniforms & More thoroughly delivers on all of its services, and we make a commitment to:

  • Help you make the best uniform decisions by providing you with important and accurate information,
  • Set up an account for you in a timely manner to expedite your uniform needs,
  • Alter those products that need slight, or larger, modifications,
  • Separate your products in easy-to-distribute bags per employee,
  • And for your ultimate convenience, we will even locally deliver upon completion at your request.

Please feel free to review the list of our main services below, and click each button to read more information. Each section provides details about contacting us, but you may also wish to visit our Contact Us page or Organization Interest page now, if you already know which service you are interested in.

AC Uniforms & More – Online Store

AC Uniforms' Online Store has been specifically designed to foster employee engagement and to achieve maximum branding results for our clients/organizations. Our Employee Uniforms, Purchasing Management, and Employee Rewards & Safety Incentive programs are for companies encompassing a large distributed network of employees with strict brand requirements, and who are tired of inventory risk or lack of flexibility from vendors.

Our technology fully enables us to deliver solutions to our organizations in unique and powerful ways. We provide employee uniform programs for companies with numerous employees that are dispersed widely across varying areas. Furthermore, AC Uniforms' Online Store was exclusively developed for Healthcare Networks, Franchise Networks, companies with specifics for each department, and Retailers with many locations. Our On-Demand business model ensures that our organizations have zero inventory risk, and employees may order their own uniforms directly from a customized, 24/7 eCommerce platform capable of managing employee allotments, payroll deductions and/or credit card transactions. Explore AC Uniforms' Online Store features and benefits below!


  • A secure, eCommerce site with password protection for all employees
  • Comprehensive customization for each organization
  • Streamlined ordering process designed for a large workforce
  • Minimum order quantity of one
  • Employee or company purchase models supported
  • Payroll Deduction Integration
  • Uniform allowances appropriated based on company, location, individual, and more


  • Zero Risk of Inventory. We offer certain items that will ship within 24 hours and have multiple item selections available to ship within 7 to 10 business days. No inventory assures that product selection may be expanded to offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and price points.
  • Large Product Selection of Uniforms. We hold accounts with all of the top distributors of medical uniforms. With this incentive, we are able to supply your staff with more collections from top vendors, while competitors are limited to significantly less uniform vendors, and therefore, a smaller selection of products. By choosing AC Uniforms' Online Store, you are ensuring your staff's access to many different brands and sizes, along with their complete satisfaction.
  • Brand Identity. AC Uniforms' Online Store works with your marketing department to maintain your brand identity, providing an exclusive purchasing source with national distribution capabilities. Though we hold access to multiple distributors, we will select only those products that your company authorizes for purchase. This will ease your organization of trying to come up with staff to distribute branded items when your company meets milestones or other events that consist of distributing items.
  • Automated Order Management. Our proprietary platform tracks ordering in real-time to help our customers manage important data.
  • A Turn-Key Solution to Fundraising. AC Uniforms' Online Store also provides an excellent opportunity for fundraising by delivering the platform for our clients/organizations to create a fundraising campaign without having to make risky investments in merchandise that may not sell.
  • Fast Embroidery Option Available. We are capable of fulfilling embroidery orders of any size ranging from one to 50,000 items. Once we have received your logo(s), we will upload it or them to your customized online shopping store (embroidery option will be available in cart area). Since all embroidery is accomplished in-house, we are capable of controlling the average completion time. When you need embroidered items in a hurry, we will meet those required deadlines.

If you desire more information about AC Uniforms' Online Store, you may visit our Contact Us page now and follow the specified avenues for getting in touch with us about any inquiries you may have. If you would like to request access to our eCommerce platform for your organization, then you may fill out the form on our Organization Interest page, and we will be in touch with you soon!

AC Uniforms Embroidery

AC Uniforms is backed by twenty three years of successful embroidery business operation. Monica Azua, our Embroidery Manager, excels wonderfully at meeting the expectations of those that desire to have embellished logos on their uniform(s). Furthermore, Monica works closely with our art department to thoroughly ensure quality control and confirm every single detail to deliver only the highest quality of embroidered items.

The average size width for vertical logos is 3.5” to 4” and approximately 2” to 2.5” for circular or square logos. We work from an image, PDF, or any file you might have. Your file will be used to program your logo for the highest quality embroidery machines to reproduce it with beautiful satin threads. An account specialist will confirm all requirements of each logo to ensure that AC Uniforms, and your staff, stay in compliance with organization restrictions.

In addition, having your logo embroidered is a great way to guarantee that you and your team will not only appear more professional, but also, more cohesive. What is more, logo embroidery lends favorably to a greater and more refined uniform and also helps to distuguish you and your team from other companies and/or departments. AC Uniforms also offers embroidery for name placement and/or credentials placement to help make your uniform even more special!

If you are interested in having AC Uniforms embroider uniforms for you and/or your team, then contact us today! We cannot wait to work with you, and we know, without a doubt, that you will be satisfied with our embroidery options and service.

Scrubs 2 U Store

SCRUBS-2-U is AC Uniforms' store on wheels. Furthermore, we have a trailer with a built-in store (see accompanying image), and we offer this option for smaller clinics or organizations encompassing multiple clinics within Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas.

If your organization is in need of uniforms or a fitting, and you cannot come to us, we will go to you. Our walk-in trailer is fully equipped with two fitting rooms. You and your team can purchase on-site, just as you would in our home store.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page and follow any of the avenues to get in touch with us. You may also fill out the form on our Organization Interest page to request a visit from SCRUBS-2-U, and you will hear back from us soon!

Scrub Fairs

AC Uniforms has continued to grow its business by maintaining a flexible model for staying relevant with new uniform business trends. We quickly found that it was important to deliver merchandise to facilities for the convenience of their staff members. In less than an hour, we can fit in, set up, and hold an on-site store that offers more merchandise than you might see in an 8,000 square-foot room. We have conducted scrub fair shows for over sixteen years and have considered our clients to be more like family all the while. AC Uniforms maintains close relationships with its clients and will continue to hold scrub fairs so long as they are in demand. AC Uniforms has had an awesome engineer throughout its history helping to provide all of our tools needed to make this easy, and his name is Jesus.

AC Uniforms travels to Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico to provide on-site scrub sales. We are thrilled to bring the sale to you! Your employees may shop from and try on a customized assortment of scrubs, accessories, and shoes without leaving your facility. We offer convenient shopping times so employees, regardless of their schedule, can shop with us. We will even advertise your event with complimentary materials! On a final note, payroll deductions are necessary for a sincerely successful scrub fair.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page and follow any of the avenues to get in touch with us. You may also fill out the form on our Organization Interest page to request that we hold a scrub fair at your facility, and you will hear back from us soon!

Silk Screening

We offer silk screening for the complete convenience of being your go-to company for all of your branding needs. This is by far the best method for reproducing images in true-to-life color. In addition, screen-printing is the most cost effective solution for large quantity print runs.

The screen-printing inks we use are top-notch quality and have exceptional durability. We guarantee that the print will outlast the garment. This cannot be said of other similar techniques. If you desire a professional-looking t-shirt, sport shirt, sweat shirt, tote bag, or towel imprinted with your artwork or logo, insist on quality screen-printing. AC Uniforms holds twenty years of expertise in this area. However, we now only offer this process to benefit our personal clients belonging to the medical field and industrial field.

For more information about AC Uniforms' silk screening process, please visit our Contact Us page and follow any of the avenues to get in touch with us regarding any inquiries. You will hear back from us soon!